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Betulle61 - Room & Breakfast - Viale delle Betulle, 61, 48123 Marina Romea (Ravenna)


Homemade goodness

Alan is passionate about cooking and has taken various courses over the years to become more skilled. He particularly loves making sweets, and some say he should be a pastry chef.

His breakfasts are both sweet and savory. He prepares homemade cookies, various types of shortcrust pastries, cakes, the Romagna-style donut made with eggs, flour, lard, and granulated sugar.

Of course, among his sweets, there's also the typical local dessert 'Squacquerone.' He also creates stuffed plum cakes in various ways, such as with homemade jams, creams, and pistachios.

His various creams, like chocolate and mascarpone, are especially appreciated.

Even for the savory breakfast, Alan enjoys crafting dishes at home. He bakes excellent wholemeal bread and exquisite focaccia, which he can serve filled in various ways, like with grilled vegetables, bacon, and the Trentino Casolé cheese.

He also serves his guests eggs, cheeses, cured meats, various types of roll-ups, like those with goat cheese, hazelnuts, and lemon. He prepares various types of bruschetta, including salmon and avocado.

In short, Alan's kitchen offers only homemade products, and everything he can't make himself, such as cured meats and cheeses, is selected with care and the refined taste of someone who knows how to eat well.

Has your mouth started watering? When you become our guest, I'm sure you'll appreciate the breakfast just as much.

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Focaccia fatta in casa

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