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Betulle61 - Room & Breakfast - Viale delle Betulle, 61, 48123 Marina Romea (Ravenna)

Getting to Know Us

We're Alan and Elisa, and we absolutely adore Marina Romea. That's why we've chosen to open our own Room & Breakfast, driven by our passion for hospitality. Honestly, we're on this adventure because it truly excites us. With four cozy rooms, we aim to pamper our guests. Plain and simple.

Alan happens to be a cooking enthusiast, having attended numerous culinary courses. He often hosts dinner parties for friends, specializing in seafood but also mastering dishes with meat. Who knows, maybe in the future, he'll even open a restaurant...

As a guest at Betulle61, you'll get to savor his homemade breakfasts crafted from top-notch ingredients. He makes all the sweet treats—pastries, cakes, cookies. And for savory lovers, there's bread and focaccia.

Every ingredient is meticulously selected; it needs to meet his taste before it's served to our guests.

We've envisioned and created our Room & Breakfast as the kind of place we'd love to stay ourselves.

Would you like to be our guest?

Betulle61 Room & Breakfast - Viale delle betulle, 61 B/C, 48123 Marina Romea (Ravenna) - Telefono 351.697.5278

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